General Rules

Be respectful and kind to each other
Treat others how you want to be treated. This means, no negative comments, or discrimination, think when you say things to others and be considerate, don’t purposely try to hurt others’ feelings. When staff makes certain choices, trust that they put thought into it.

-What shouldn’t you say?-
There are some things in chat we rather you do not say, to keep it a clean environment for others to hang out in.

  • Swearing is allowed, however excessive amounts of it are not.
    • Swearing at other players or staff is also not allowed.
  • Vulgarity is not allowed.
  • harassment, sexism, racism, stalking, bullying or discrimination are not in any way shape or form allowed.
    • Harassment can be qualified as
      • Producing a negative environment
      • Being negative towards another player
      • Judging others based on their personal life choices
      • Threats
      • Retaliating towards staff or players. Let the staff handle the situation, as it is their job.
      • Intimidation/forcing others to do things that they don’t want to do.
    • Sexual Harassment
      • Inappropriate messages/jokes or pictures
      • Sending inappropriate links or sites.
      • Messaging a player with sexual content, without them asking for it.
    • Stalking
      • Constantly watching a specific person.
      •  Invading their personal information without their knowledge.
      • Using their personal information for your own gain.
    • Bullying
      • Continuously harming someone emotionally or mentally.
      • Spreading false information or rumors of others
      • Targeting them out in a group.
      • Sending vulgar messages to another player.
    • Discrimination 
      • Racism 
      • Sexism 
      • Homophobia/Transphobia 
      • Anti-semitism
-Don't spam!-
We like our chats clean! This means no character spam, word spam, or any other forms of spam are allowed.
  • Character spam would be: “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”
    • instead, “hiii” would be better
  • Word spam would be “Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello”
    • instead, “hello hello” would be better.
  • Making a sentence in several messages, for example,
    • This
  • Sending song lyrics, or copying and pasting large amounts of text is not ok.
  • Quickly sent messages
  • continuously using rainbow text
  • continuously using alternating uppercase/lower case text
-Forbidden Topics-
These specific topics are prohibited from chat. These topics are banned because they can cause controversial conversations that some people would rather not want to discuss or be involved in. People start these topics civilly in chat but it gets out hand. We understand that people have their own opinions, but we prefer that people talk about it in DM.
  • The following are banned topics, however other discussions can be stopped by staff if they believe it is not appropriate,
    • Religion
    • Politics
    • Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Holocaust, genocide
    • Sex, sexual innuendo
    • Depression, Suicide.  - We are here to listen, but please try to find someone you can talk to in private. We want to keep it out of public chat as it is very often a trigger for other people who have suffered from the same or similar events, and they would rather not have to go back through it.
 -Don't start things-
Be kind to others, if you have problems with another player, do not instigate a fight in public chat. Try to message them privately and deal with it there, or if it continues to be a problem, contact a staff member. 
  • Examples of this are:
    • Don’t bring up the personal business of others
    • Causing drama or bringing up a topic that causes a disruption in chat
    • Poking and prodding at someone so they have a negative mood/negative reply
-Don’t troll, or intentionally get in trouble-
  • If you join and immediately spam/say inappropriate things, it will most likely lead to a perm ban, and depending on the circumstances may lead to punishment for the main account if it is an alt.
  • If you constantly cause issues that cause little punishments or very close to a little punishment, the staff has full authority to deem a punishment, based on past history. (ie. you constantly annoy staff with little “jokes” that could be inappropriate, if behavior like that continues, it could lead to a bigger punishment).
  • This also includes impersonating any member of the staff team or a staff rank (changing nickname or username to mimic staff).
Poaching other players or staff is not allowed .
No advertising other server ips or their names, anywhere on the servers platforms. Aka, forums, discord, or the server itself.

This also includes advertising or attempting to poach players from other servers.

We would appreciate if all general chats were kept to English only. The majority of players and staff speak English, this also keeps chats easy to read and moderate. If you wish to speak a language other than English, we would suggest to privately message the player/players you wish to speak with.

Any threats made to a player, staff, or the server will be taken serious and will be dealt accordingly


Minecraft rules



-Don't grief-

Griefing includes but is not limited to: breaking blocks in a player’s base (or without permission, even if it looks abandoned) whether its claimed or not, harming other player’s villagers/animals even if it looks like they escaped, or they have a nametag.
Building phallic or inappropriate builds around the world/at someone's base is not allowed.
Lavacasting is not allowed on the server as it typically something used to do large scale griefs.

Please notify staff if your base or you suspect a base you come across has been griefed.

-Don't Steal-
Do not take others’ belongings. This means items and blocks, or anything else that does not belong to you.
If the base looks/is abandoned, you are not allowed to raid it or steal its contents. 

Please notify staff if your base or you suspect a base you come across has been raided.

-No hacks/exploits-
In order to keep a fair playing field between all players. We advise against the use of any hacks, exploits, glitches, etc. Using anything to give you an unfair advantage against other players will result in a punishment. If you do happen find a bug/glitch, report it immediately to a staff member, if you are caught exploiting it you will be punished.

  • If it grants you an advantage, you shouldn’t use it.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • mods
      • hacks
      • cheats
      • exploiting
      • bug
      • glitches
  • Using an alt for more voting rewards or more event items, is not allowed. However, AFK farming with alts is allowed.
here is a list of mods that are approved to use.
  • Mini-maps (Cave mini-maps are not allowed)
  • Optifine
  • 5zig
  • Schematica (or a similar mod) but only the ghost block or overlay functions.
Here is a list of mods that are not allowed
  • Xray
  • Cave minimaps
  • Auto-clickers (Only allowed to AFK)
  • Schematica or similar (printer/auto place functions, and item swapping)
If you are unsure if you're are able to use a mod that is not listed , please contact a Mod or Admin

Each player needs to give consent before engaging in a PVP battle. If you kill a player, you must give them back their items, either by leaving it in a chest in the location of death, or teleporting them back to their death location. Tp killing is not allowed, aka, teleporting players on a high up pillar, or making a drop death, or anything alike, that causes death upon teleport. Traps of any kind (End portal, nether portal, hole in the ground, lava, etc) Is not allowed.


Please try to keep the wild clean, other players are also trying to find a place for their base, and would like a clean environment i.e. no 1 block wide dirt towers, try not to leave any floating trees, don’t leave random blocks on the ground, etc. When looking for your base, stay 150 blocks away from other player’s homes. They might want to expand and they were there first. If you do build 150 blocks away and they do expand, you don’t need to move away again.


  • No flying machines
  • All farms that use a redstone clock must have an off switch.
  • No constantly updating water sources  


Rules are subject to change.
Revised Dec 14, 2020