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Snow Globe Decorating Contest! Rules:   1. You can work with other players by adding them to your plot using /as addfriend [username]. However prizes will be awarded to the plot owner. They must be divided amongst yourselves. 2. Players may only participate on a singular plot (you cannot have your own plot and build on someone else's) 3. No inappropriate builds/signs. 4. Schematica is NOT allowed in this competition. 5. Your design must be original 6. Don’t critique others' builds unless they ask you to. 7. No large redstone machines (If in doubt ask a staff member) 8. Staff can participate but will not be eligible for judging if they do so.   Any breaking of these rules will lead to immediate disqualification.   Plot Info:   You can access the plots by going to /events. Each plot contains a snow globe that you MUST decorate the inside of. You can decorate the outside or the base of the snow globe if you wish but that will only affect the effort portion of judging.   Judging Criteria:   Effort = 5 points Details = points Skill = 5 points   Creativity = 5 points   Overall presentation = 5 points   Highest score that can be received is a 25. Unless you are one of our top 3 winners you will not find out your final score.   Prizes:   1st Place: Custom off-hand Item 5 shimmering scales Your own player head 64 keys 16 head vouchers 16 diamond blocks   2nd Place: Custom off-hand Item 3 shimmering scales Your own player head 48 keys 8 head vouchers 8 diamond blocks   3rd Place: Custom off-hand Item 1 shimmering scales Your own player head 32 keys 4 head vouchers 4 diamond blocks   Everyone who decorates a snow globe will receive a participation prize!   Deadline for builds is Dec 31st 11:59pm EST
10 months ago

Movie Events December 2020   For the month of December we have decided to host a bunch of our favorite winter/christmas movies! For each movie you participate in you will get a custom movie item (1 item per movie). Movies will be streamed twice to accommodate different timezones (you cannot come to both showings of a movie and receive a duplicate movie item).   Subtitles will be on the entirety of each movie   December 15th:   Noelle- 11am EST 9pm EST   Small Foot- 1pm EST 11pm EST   December 16th:   Home Alone 1- 11am EST 9pm EST   Home Alone 2- 1pm EST 11pm EST   December 17th:   Frozen 1- 11am EST 9pm EST   Frozen 2- 1pm EST 11pm EST   December 22nd:   Elf- 11am EST 9pm EST   Klaus- 1pm EST 11pm EST   December 23rd:   Santa Clause 1- 11am EST 9pm EST   Santa Clause 2- 1pm EST 11pm EST   Santa Clause the Escape Clause- 3pm EST   December 24th:   Santa Clause the Escape Clause- 1am EST   How the Grinch Stole Christmas- 11am EST 9pm EST   The Grinch- 1pm EST 11pm EST   The Nightmare Before Christmas- 3pm EST   December 25th:   The Nightmare Before Christmas- 1am EST   We are trying really hard to accommodate different time zones and schedules but we understand if it's not possible to make it to each movie!    When you join the discord voice channel labelled movies (which will only appear when a server movie is being hosted) a text channel will appear when you are in the discord vc and that's where you will submit your name to receive the movie item! Items will be placed in your inventory once the movie concludes   If you have any questions please message me or another admin in discord!
10 months ago

Secret Santa!   What is Secret Santa?   It is a gift exchanging event for players to be able to give and receive a present for Christmas!   How to Participate:   1. On the bottom of this post leave a comment of your full minecraft username. 2. Once secret santa sign-up is closed (12/12/2020) you will receive a mail in game that informs you who your gift is going to! At this time you will also receive a shulker box with your giftee's name (this is your present box). 3. Once you fill your present box with all of the goodies you would like to gift you will go to /secretsanta (does not open until 12/13/2020) and drop it off into the hopper! 4. /secretsanta will close and we will prepare an area where you will pick up your presents from your secret santa! 5. Presents will be available at /secretsanta on 12/24/2020 and will remain open for a few weeks after to give everyone time to collect their gift!   Deadlines:   Post sign-up: Ends December 12th at 11:59pm EST Present drop-off: Ends December 22nd at 11:59pm EST Present pick-up: Starts December 24th 6pm EST   Rules:   1. You must submit a present to receive a present. 2. No inappropriate items/books. Please message a staff member if you have any questions!
10 months ago

Halloween Costume Contest!   This is Westlochs very first skin competition! For this competition you can either create a brand new skin to be spooky or edit your current skin to be spooky themed!   Rules:   Must be an original skin, not something found online. No inappropriate skins. One entry only Must wear skin until November 2nd (So we can judge your skins)   We will be judging based on the following:   Creativity Aesthetic Quality Concept Overall Style Halloween/Spooky themed   Prizes:   First place A picture of you in your costume will be displayed at spawn Your personal player head 3 shimmering scales 128 vote keys 64 diamonds 128 bottle o’ xp 8 head vouchers   Second place A picture of you in your costume will be displayed at spawn Your personal player head 2 shimmering scales 96 vote keys 48 diamonds 128 bottle o’ xp 8 head vouchers   Third place A picture of you in your costume will be displayed at spawn Your personal player head 1 shimmering scales 64 vote keys 32 diamonds 128 bottle o’ xp 8 head vouchers   For anyone who participates in this competition will also receive:   32 vote keys 8 head vouchers 16 diamonds   To enter please just comment your username on this post once you have created and are wearing your halloween skin!   The deadline for submissions is October 30th 12pm EST
12 months ago