Mini Build Competition!
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Mini Build Competition


Welcome to Westloch’s first ever build competition! As our community grows and we continue to develop new parts of the server, such as the shop world and event area, we are in sore need of small builds to help decorate them. We wanted to give an opportunity to you, the players, to help make your own small marks on the decoration within these new areas! Of course we will also be rewarding everyone who decided to participate!


The Details

This build competition’s focus is based on creating small builds to fill the shop world with.


-The build cannot be larger than 10x10

-The build should be focused around one of the 4 seasons in the shop world, ie. Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall.

-Once the build is finished make sure to comment to this post with coordinates (x.y.z) to let us know where to find it! (You can have as many submissions as you would like but please post coordinates for each build)



The Prizes

Everyone who participates and truly makes an effort to create a small build will receive a participation prize! That said, this is a competition, meaning there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place!


-1st Place will receive 64 keys, 4 netherite ingots, 32 diamonds, and various other goodies!

-The 2nd, 3rd, and Participation recipients will be rewarded similar items of lowering quantities

-Staff will be judging the event and as such, will not be participating


The Deadline


-This Competition will last for two weeks

-Make sure to submit your build by September 14th, 9pm EST for it to be entered into the competition!


We’re excited to see what you guys build, and even if you don’t end up seeing your particular build get placed into the shop world, we will be making sure to save every single build so that we can use them with future events!

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Yeah so without knowing the competition I made a house that's really small. 

Coordinates are: -8667 70 -5438

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About 1 year ago

-2120 90 9395

I made a tree out of Red Mushroom, Netherwart Blocks, and shroom lights :)

Use it how y'all see fit. It was mostly just to brighten up my garden bc apparently you can't change the colors of the mesa grass in any way. :I Hope y'all like it :)

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( L shape of 3 torches mark out the build)

Fishing Hole:  14944, 79,  -11942 

Bees! : 14947, 76, -11916

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Here are my 2 entries -- both coincides with the fall theme:
Autumn Bar: x: 10555 z:-4801 ;
Pumpkin Field: x: 10551 z:-4820

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About 1 year ago



Coordinates: x;12668 z;-9224

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About 1 year ago

Username: AAAAAAGumbi66

Theme: Getting UWU for the Winter

Coordinates: -1077 -4612

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Heyo, here's my autumn themed build:

13692, 64, -3364

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About 1 year ago

Thought we needed some more Spring and Summer builds, so I made a build for both! (Even tho fall and winter are better heh)

They're right next to eachother

Flower garden: -1322 71 64

Beach Volleyball court: -1292 71 65

Good luck everyone!

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About 1 year ago

I made another one, also fall themed

Pumpkin patch: 13703, 64, -3383

It's right next to the cemetary one that I already shared the coords for :)

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About 1 year ago