Snow Globe Decorating Competition!
Started by WotTheDuck

Snow Globe Decorating Contest!



1. You can work with other players by adding them to your plot using /as addfriend [username]. However prizes will be awarded to the plot owner. They must be divided amongst yourselves.

2. Players may only participate on a singular plot (you cannot have your own plot and build on someone else's)

3. No inappropriate builds/signs.

4. Schematica is NOT allowed in this competition.

5. Your design must be original

6. Don’t critique others' builds unless they ask you to.

7. No large redstone machines (If in doubt ask a staff member)

8. Staff can participate but will not be eligible for judging if they do so.


Any breaking of these rules will lead to immediate disqualification.


Plot Info:


You can access the plots by going to /events.

Each plot contains a snow globe that you MUST decorate the inside of.

You can decorate the outside or the base of the snow globe if you wish but that will only affect the effort portion of judging.


Judging Criteria:


Effort = 5 points

Details = points

Skill = 5 points


Creativity = 5 points


Overall presentation = 5 points


Highest score that can be received is a 25. Unless you are one of our top 3 winners you will not find out your final score.




1st Place:

Custom off-hand Item

5 shimmering scales

Your own player head

64 keys

16 head vouchers

16 diamond blocks


2nd Place:

Custom off-hand Item

3 shimmering scales

Your own player head

48 keys

8 head vouchers

8 diamond blocks


3rd Place:

Custom off-hand Item

1 shimmering scales

Your own player head

32 keys

4 head vouchers

4 diamond blocks


Everyone who decorates a snow globe will receive a participation prize!


Deadline for builds is Dec 31st 11:59pm EST

About 1 year ago